The Portraits Of Tim Hans

Tim Hans, 21, lives between London and LA and takes an unusual and refreshing approach to skate photography – it’s all about shooting the people…..

So Tim, when did you first get interested in photography and what inspired you to take it up?

My aunt bought a panoramic camera for me when I was 7 for our trip to Ireland. After that I was hooked, I loved seeing the prints of places I had been.В  Since then, taking pictures has become a way of life.

You’re based in LA and the UK – how does that work?

I currently attendВ collegeВ here in LA, but I plan to move back to the UK when I’m doneВ and spend time in Europe/Africa shooting people.

Tell us a bit about your skatepark portraits project – what prompted you to do this?

I began photographing the Camden skateboarders, when I watched the skatepark renovation create a new group of friends who came to the park on a daily basis.

How do you go about taking their shots – do they just ‘line-up’ or something?

Almost all of the Camden skateboarders were on board for the project. I approached indivduals and told them about what I was doing and that I wanted to shoot a portrait of them. В Once the word got out, skateboarders were lining up to be a part of the series.

How do the skaters react to you taking their portraits?

The skateboarders look at me with the same curiosity that I look at them with. It sometimes begins with a stupid pose, but afterwards, they reveal a more honest side of themselves.

Has anyone ever refused to have their pic taken?

Haha actually, I waited for three hours for Jason Lee, who said “maybe” three times before walking by me to his car.

It was unfortunate because it would have been awesome to have the guy who invented the 360 flip in my project.


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