Mark Baines, Nollie Postbox, Sheffield 1997 copy

Mark Baines | Nollie Postbox | Sheffield, 1997

"This spot is in Sheffield - I'm not sure if it's still there today, but back when Blueprint was in it's infancy and the crucible theatre was Sheffield's hotspot (pre devonshire green), this postbox was located just down the street from Sumo skate shop. I remember shooting a load of photos of people posting letters in between goes before shooting a sequence of the make. This must have been a long time ago as not only was the sequence shot on b/w film, I had to print it before it could be scanned."

“Sometimes security are cool”

I assume your using a medium format setup for the film work? What’s your current weapon of choice?

Still the Hasselblad but also a 5×4 Super Graflex filed camera I bought from Sam Ashley.

Seems like most photogs carry around various materials and hardware for some essential spot DIY – filler, gaffer-tape, bolt-cutters, wax, bits of old ply, etc. What’s the greatest lengths you’ve gone to, to get that killer shot?

Probably the greatest lengths involve going late at night/early in the morning and getting kicked out time after time but going back again and again until you get the trick.

It depends how motivated the skater is too. I’ve never used bolt cutters but a wax, ply, a sheet of metal all come in handy.

How do you hide your frustrationВ when shooting a skater who cant quite nail it, and keep them hyped, motivatedВ and focused on the job in hand?

I don’t really get frustrated, unless I know whoever it is could quite easily do whatever it is they are looking at but can’t be bothered.

If someone is really trying a trick and getting robbed its not their fault.

As far as keeping them hyped a quick look at a close one on the footage or a preview photo is usually enough.

Getting busted by Security Guards or Police Officers is pretty much an occupational hazard. How do you sweet-talk them into letting you stay ‘just another ten minutes?’ or do you not bother and move on?

Sometimes security are cool and will let you stay a while. Sometimes they are harmless jobs worths.

Occasionally you’ll get one that runs out shouting. You just have to assess the situation.

I’ve managed to get time at spots that I never thought it possible.

If you don’t ask you don’t get!


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