Reeling In The Years – Leo Sharp

Interview with Harvey Mills. All pics by Leo Sharp.

The incredible photography of Leo Sharp needs little in the way of hype or introduction for those of you who avidly read the ever-awesome Sidewalk Magazine. Leo’s images have graced its covers and pages for well over a decade, and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

Arguably the UK’s most prolific and talented skate photographer, the big man shares his insights, favourite images and memories from the last 15 years, with Skateboarding Photo.

Over a year ago now, you had a solo exhibition ‘15 Years Of Skateboarding Photography’. What prompted you to do an exhibition at that time?

I was about to emigrate to Australia and had never done an exhibition. It seemed the right time. As it turned out I ended up coming back!

Was this the first time you’d publicly exhibited?

Yep, and I’d definitely do another one with maybe a different theme next time.

Did people who weren’t interested in skateboarding attend it? What was their reaction?

I think maybe a few did. I guess they were more into the portraits, but I believe someone who doesn’t skate can still appreciate a good skate photo.

Any future plans for a book?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, it’s just trying to find the time to put one together. Having an 8 month old daughter basically leaves you with zero hours in the day to yourself!

You used to be the fulltime head of photography at SW and then moved to Australia for a while…

My missus and I had always wanted to emigrate. We spent years getting the visa sorted. Then just before we were due to go, she became pregnant. We went anyway and it proved too much trying to start new lives / jobs and have our first child. A stressed mother -to-be is not a good thing…!

Needless to say we returned and immediately knew it was the right decision.

Jamie Bolland, Kickflip, Glasgow circa 2002 copy

Jamie Bolland | Kickflip | Glasgow | Circa 2002 |

"Might have shot this a couple of years earlier? But all the same, Mr Bollands exceedingly high kickflips never lost their flick. Still one of the contenders for quickest 'Haunts', Jamie shot most of his photos in one day around the streets of Glasgow. I believe he is now a dedicated musician, and if his skating is anything to go by a bloody good one."

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