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Prime Skatepark

Prime Skatepark’s been open a little more than a year, but the official 1 year anniversary is coming up soon – keep an eye on the Prime blog / facebook for announcements of a special 1st birthday event.

So, S.A. who else is involved in the day-to-day running of the skatepark?

“Well Nick Marker (Prime Owner) has put Rich in charge of the skatepark, and he decides what our priorities are and keeps everything in check – although I am trusted enough to take the reigns so that he doesn’t have to be here watching over me all the time! Adam (Smout) has done shifts in the past, but he’s taken on a bigger role with the shop now, so won’t be as involved with the park anymore. Reece Douglas and Todd Langdon also help with tuition at Kid’s Club and my girlfriend, Dominique, takes some of the pressure off at Kid’s Club by looking after the non-skating side of things.”

Sounds like a cool gig! But what’s the best thing about working at the skatepark? What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your job there?

“The best part without doubt is having access to an indoor skatepark pretty much whenever I want. The thing I like most about working there is the relaxed atmosphere and the social side of things. Kids come in and ask me questions or to help them with their boards and there’s always someone down for a little session.”

We arrange to meet back at the skatepark in the morning to check out the ‘Kids Club’ and see what’s going down. In the meantime, we spend the next couple of hours sampling the indoor delights of Prime.

Reece, still intact from his earlier kamikaze-mission, thrashes his way around the transitions and ridiculous transfers – he’s got just about every gnarly grab variation you can think of. Benihanas, rockets, 360’s and various crazy-ass wall plants were the order of battle from the 9ft tranny step-up to quarter.

Joining in the aerial assault was Glen Brooks, who was putting down the most boned out tuck-knee’s I’ve ever seen. Raddest of all, and pretty darn scary to stand in the way of, was Reece’s insane crossbone tail-scrape transfer – he hit the wall so hard he was spraying up clouds of paint and plaster fragments. Looks like S.A. may have to get his paintbrush out in the morning. Girl ripper Stefani Nurding was also putting down some super smooth lines on the street and mini. One to watch in the future for sure. [Opposite: SA | В Alley Oop Nollie Back Heels]


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