Pete King, bs flip, Isle Of Man, 2005 copy

Pete King | BS Flip | Isle Of Man, 2005

“This trip could have gone either way with the Isle of Mans sketchy weather and questionable spots. The ‘egg shaped fullpipe’ looked good but it was an absolute nightmare to get yourself down into, let alone a load of camera gear, generator, lights and 20 bags of cat litter to help absorb the constant trickle of water. During the heated 20 minute session before the rain started to come in through the glory hole, Pete nailed this kickflip. Then the generator got water inside it and decided to blow up. So many good laughs happened on this trip that I have trouble remembering them all. We stayed in a hotel that doubled up as a chinese restaurant. All the rooms smelled of deep fried Lemon CHicken. Pete KIng and Mark Churchill managed to get into an exclusive (hah) nightclub by putting their socks on over their shoes. To this day I still have no idea how the bouncers didn’t notice.”

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