todd langdon frontlip 270 out

Sequence: Todd Langdon

Front Lip 270 Out

Cool N Out

Totally blown away by events at ‘Kids Club’ we say goodbye to SA and the guys at Prime. “Any last words before we go?”, “Yeah man, thanks again for visiting – and while I have the chance, I better thank Herbal, DuFFS, Prime, Dominique, my family and all my friends. Peace”

Last thing on the spot list, before we drive the 180 miles home, Todd wants to hit up a place called TR2 – a ledge down in an industrial area by the river. Front lip 270 outs and a very long feebs 180 get put to bed before we finally head home…..knackered but so stoked.

Plymouth has got great vibes, sick street, an awesome indoor set-up and a very cool local scene.

Whilst we couldn’t get to meet up with all of the local shredders, the ones we did hook up with had some mad skills and were a thoroughly nice bunch.

The fact that Plymouth can be a bit on the rough and ready side in parts (what major UK town isn’t?), just adds to the overall feeling of the place.

Tons of thanks to SA, and all the Plymouth skaters that we had the pleasure of spending a sunny and fun weekend with.

Personally, I can’t wait to go back. But not to that bloody Travelodge…


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