Mike Wright, Kickflip fs 50-50, Barcelona, 2007 copy copy

Mike Wright | Kickflip 50-50 | Barcelona, 2007

"The skaters on this particular Barca jaunt were Nicky Howells and Ben Nordberg. I remember staying in a Hostel overlooking Las Ramblas and chucking pistachios at unsuspecting passers by when we hear familiar english voices (complete with northern twang) from the balcony above. Turns out Mike and his mates from Hebden Bridge were on their own little mission to Barca. Needless to say we all went skating the next day. Mike waited until it was pitch black to nail this flip 50-50 on the infamous cemetary ledge with added disco flash."

“New talent seems to be emerging”

What are your views on the currentВ UK skate scene and where do you see it going in the future?

There are so many new skaters starting all the time and a lot of new talent seems to be emerging from these new recruits.

I think all the new skate parks good and bad have and will continue to have a part to play in this new wave of talent.

Most of the new kids coming through have tranny skills as well as being able to do every flip variation in a game of skate.

Years ago when we were brought up on an almost purely street diet, some couldn’t skate mini ramp for shit.

The only down side is, if you don’t go out and skate rough streets / spots very often you get to used to smooth concrete.

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