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Russ Sakurai

My name is Russ Sakurai.В I am 37 years old. Live in Costa Mesa, California.

I used to shoot skate photos of my friends here and there when we skated in the 80′s and 90′s using my father’s 35mm SLR.

Around 2006 I bought a Nikon DSLR and started shooting skate photos again. Soon after thatВ started shooting some of the local team members of Jokers Skate Shop, and showed my photos to Corey, the owner. I asked him if they needed a team photographer and he let me start shooting for the shop.

I mostly shoot pools, but I also shoot at parks and a little street skating. I enjoy pools the most because I enjoy skating them the most so I usually take photos while I skate.

The thing I enjoy the most is capturing the action and sharing it with other people.

[Below: Russ Sakurai, backside 5050 over the deathbox]


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