SA and kids

Kids Club

Eventually, we head back to the hotel and fall asleep to the sounds of a stella-fuelled live and uncut Jeremy Kyle show being performed out on the streets below. Sweet dreams.

Saturday morning, and it’s another glorious day.

We drive over to Prime to check out the Kids Club before we head into the mean streets of Plymouth for some serious urban action.

The place is rammed with youngsters happily throwing themselves around and buying sweets, drinks and stickers from the parks little shop.

The first thing you notice is the absence of scooters – What???!!! The next thing you see is Rich, SA, Reece and Todd busy coaching the kids, helping them to drop in on trannys, learn some lip tricks on the mini, and generally giving advice and guidance to the super-stoked kiddies.

It’s just so refreshing to see this kind of interaction and encouragement going on. Amazing.

I ask SA about his coaching responsibilities:

“It’s rad to see kids that started a little while ago ripping it up, and there are a few that have been at it for a while that are definite ones to watch for the future.

It’s cool to be in a position to help some of them and maybe point them in the right direction, although sometimes they surprise me and show me something new!

Sometimes I just want to get on with my own thing, but I know what it’s like to be a kid and seeing how stoked they get on learning something new gets me stoked and makes me want to push myself.”

You must be encouraged to see the amount of young talent down here. Looks promising, eh?

“We’ve had so many new faces since starting Kid’s Club and to see so much enthusiasm for skateboarding is great! There is loads of positivity from parents too and if half of these youngsters stick to it, they’ll be definite rippers in the future. Right now, I think the future of Plymouth’s skate scene looks pretty bright.”

[Opposite: SA lends a helping hand]


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