Interlude: Prime Skate Shop

A quick interrogation of Nick Marker, owner of Prime Skate Shop and Skate Park…

How long hasВ Prime been established?

Since the 14th October 2008

Why do youВ think you’ve survived, when independent skate shops come and go almostВ overnight?

We’re all really in it for the love of it. We love our jobs and are happy to sacrifice time, effort and money to make it work. We get full support locally by everyone in the know for what we do for the scene and our team. We love it all! When we opened in 2008, the scene had crumbled a lot since the early Flatspot days. Not a problem though. The first thing we wanted to do is to bring back an indoor skatepark no matter what the sacrifices!

Who were theВ notable local skaters back then, and where were the popular local spots?

Back then it’ll have to be Ashley, Webb and pretty much all the other Civic new blood.

How would you describe the current skate scene down there now, and what’s changed over the years?

I’d say we have helped get stuff done. Someone had to do it and of course it should be the local skate shop!

Who’s hot atВ the moment, and who’s on the come-up?

Farrrrr too many to mention!!!

Does Prime sponsor anyone or have a team? How do you hook local guys up – what’s the criteria for getting on the Prime team?

We have a pretty large team of total loyalists who love it as much as us!В To get on the team – the team decide!

What does theВ future hold for Prime?

Who knows? We’d like to expand our skatepark, tuition and service to the scene! Thanks to all our loyal customers and for all their support!!! I wish we had more time to express all this, but moustache !!!

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