Howard Cooke, Ollie, Liverpool circa 2001 copy

Howard Cooke | Ollie | Liverpool, circa 2001

“What is there to be said about this? Everyone knows how fast H skates. Where you take a push he will take eight! He started off with the bins quite close together and kept moving them further apart each try saying “Is that shit?? that was shit wasn’t it”. If you look at the trail of rubbish on the floor you can see how far he’s moved the bins. Let me also tell you that the benches are just wider than your board and slatted so that your wheels could possibly get stuck in between them. 100 miles an hour sketchy as fuck ollie. Still one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed.”

Conhuir Lynn, bs nose Grind, Belfast circa 1999

Conhuir Lynn | BS Nose Grind | Belfast, circa 1999

"I'm not entirely sure if this crooks was shot in 99 but it was around that time. A youthful Conhuir needed a 'New Blood' (one page pre-cursor to the 'first light') for Sidewalk which he obliged by nailing in a couple of tries. I remember his dad drove him to the spot but only after he'd done his homework. That's his little brother dennis sat on the wall in the background - I think he was about 9 years old at the time and ripping even then."

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