Free The P-CAD Seven!

Not far away from Reece’s ‘drop-zone’ is a tidy 7 set at PCAD, which is where Ash Dixon sets about destroying the place; bs180’s, fs flips, bs heels, bs nollie flips etc – a pretty impressive display to say the least.

Todd also nails a properly steezy pop-shuv (see below). Job done.

We head back to Prime Skatepark for an after hours jam and hook up with some more Plymouth shredders and S.A. …

Prime is an awesome indoor set-up in a long and large industrial unit. A totally non-profit company, “Prime Skatepark Community Interest Company” is for the benefit of the community as a whole.

It’s got enough to keep everyone happy: boxes, ledges, rails, a huge mini and some rad transitions and gaps.

Marc Carter moved from South Africa (hence the nickname, S.A.) a few years ago and was a regular around the Chichester scene for a while….

“We had a good crew in Chi and some of us still hang out whenever we get the chance. I moved to Plymouth to go to University, it was kind of a spontaneous decision, I’d never been to this part of the country, but now I really like it. When the Prime shop opened, I think it breathed some new life into the scene down here.”

So, how did you get to be involved in the running of Prime Skatepark?

“I’d quite often go to the shop to ask if there was anything I could do to help out. I guess I got to know Rich (Stansbie) through skating, helping out and just hanging round. One thing progressed to another and now I have a job down there. I help out with loads of different aspects: basically I do anything that needs to be done, from building / fixing things, painting, cleaning, dealing with various safety aspects, first aid, helping with events organising, booking private parties and last but not least Kid’s Club where I help teach kids to skate.”

ash - bs heels

Ash Dixon

| BS Heelflip

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