Dreaded ‘Quick-Fire’ Round…

Do you still get psyched on getting the cover shot?


What stokes you the most about being a skateВ photographer?


Favourite skater to shoot? of all time?

Will Ainley.

Raddest skate spot in the UK?

One that hasn’t been shot.

Most essential piece of kit in your bag?

Fresh batteries.

Best skate photo ever shot?

The next one anyone is stoked on.

Gnarliest bail you’ve witnessed?

SAC (South African Chris) from Bridgend. Tried to Feeble the old 12 stair Colston Hall Rail in Bristol. He stuck, flew to the bottom and bounced about a foot in the air. That rail is gone now, but not the memory of the screams…

Do you do weddings?

(haha) Yep.

3 personal qualities needed to be a successful skateВ photog?

Patience, Patience and more patience.

Any last words of advice?

If its raining outside, blame it on the weather.

To see more of Leo’s awesome work, go buy a copy of Sidewalk or visit his website. Or do both.

Give my love to Cornwall, boss – you the maaaan!

Matt Pritchard, Ollie, New York, 2000 copy

Matt Pritchard | Ollie | New York, 2000

"Matt was pro for a company called Rookie skateboards at the time this photo was shot. Pritch has always been a beast and was no different on this trip which was pretty much 2 weeks straight of solid partying and skating miles from spot to spot all over Manhattan. I think Andy Simpson (Casino skate shop RIP owner) actually ollied this gap first - but Matts photo looked steezier. I remember Pritchard coming to Milton Keynes in 1994 and killing every gap and set of stairs in his path. The 'Pritchard' gap at 'The Beige' remains a gnarly spot to this day and I distinctly remember him ollieing it without even realising there were a load of concrete spikes to clear. Matt is entering an Iron Man this year - please sponsor him at his SWYD facebook page."

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