Stu Graham, One Foot Ollie, Livingston, circa 1999 copy

Stu Graham | One Foot Ollie | Livingston | Circa 1999

"The Big Yin skating the park that made him the bald scottish idiot he is today. I like this photo because Stu used to skate really thin Panic boards along with massive Osiris shoes. God knows how he did the things he did. I'm surprised he could actually see his board under his humungus plates of meat."

“Cornwall is the best!”

So what prompted theВ change of scenery / lifestyle?

I suppose I wanted a different challenge – I know a lot of the Ozzie skate heads and have been good friends with a few of them for years. If our daughter Baylin hadn’t come along when she did, we would probably still be there.

It’s funny how fate works though, I have no regrets about being back in the UK.

I love the skate scene here and want to always be around it.

I understand that you’re now living in Cornwall, my old stomping ground! Is it just the surf stoke, or was there another reason why you decided to move down there?

Cornwall is the best!

Yes I love the fact that I’m 15 minutes from the beach, but it’s also a great place to bring up the little one.

Plus there are loads of amazing skateboarders to shoot photos of here.

You’re still actively contributing to SW though, right?

Yep – I’ve got a few interviews and things planned.

You launched a new website late last year – how did you go about selecting which images you’d use?

I just whacked all the photos from my exhibition on there.

I’ve got plans to eventually put everything I ever shot on there but finding the time to scan/resize/update is a nightmare!

You grew up in Milton Keynes, is this where you started shooting skate photo’s? When was that, and who were you shooting back in the day?

Yes that was where I started. I remember I had an old point and shoot back in the late eighties.

My friends and I would club together, buy a roll of film and shoot photos of each other.

Just seeing a photo of yourself skating, even a terrible out of focus print was amazing feeling. On a 24 exposure we’d get 4 photos each!


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