Al Collins, switch ollie, Dublin 1998

Al Collins | Switch Ollie | Dublin, 1998

“I shot this on my first or second trip to Dublin. Al Collins was and still is an absolute beast of a human being. He recently skated down the entire west coast of Ireland for charity. It’s a long way to push on a plank of wood, especially when you see the state of the roads over there. As with many a skate flick, the spot in the photo was stumbled upon whilst skating to another more established spot. “Hey, do you think you could do something over that gap?” – “Mmmm, how about a switch ollie?” 2 tries and it’s in the bag. This is also one of the rare occasions Mr Collins could be seen wearing trousers as most months of the year he resides firmly in a pair of shorts – even if its minus 2 degrees.”

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