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Todd Langdon

| Front Lipper At Tinside

A Mass Of Formless Grey Conrete

A beautiful Sunday morning in the South West… Plymouth to be precise. It’s just gone 8:00am, the suns out, the sky is blue, and I’m off into town to find something that resembles coffee before we start shooting again.

As I leave our accommodation, the woefully tragic Travelodge on Derrys Cross, I make my way towards Maccy D’s. As I head across the top of Union Street, I go into a small newsagent that reportedly has a cash machine, and I’m presented with the most bewildering array of floor-to-ceiling jazz-mags I’ve ever seen. Literally every taste, fetish and sordid perversion is catered for. I had to go back outside and look up at the shop sign to make sure that I hadn’t stumbled into a sleezy 24-hour porn emporium. Resisting the temptation to buy a copy of this month’s “Hairy Arse Bandit”, I buy some fags, get some cash, make like a tree and leave.

Back on Union Street, I notice that the place is like a scene from ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ – broken bottles, smashed windows, pools of blood, piles of steaming chunder every 2 metres, and various groaning zombies propped up in doorways – still ‘on it’ from the night before.

Outside McDonalds is a group of the Royal Navy’s finest, presumably on a weekend pass, enjoying their breakfast McMuffins in the sunshine, all washed down with several cans of the obligatory ‘wife-beater’…

Nestling twixt the rivers Plym and the Tamar, Plymouth is home to a quarter of a million residents. Like most towns with an active port, a dockyard and a Naval Base, Plymouth is pretty damn hardcore. Completely rebuilt after the relentless Luftwaffe bombing raids of WW2, it’s a mass of formless grey concrete – a grim reminder of the hasty, half-assed, architecture of the 50’s and 60’s.

Head a mile or so out of the City Centre, towards the sea, and you are treated to stunning views and a completely different vibe. It is here, at ‘Tinside’, on Friday evening with the heady smell of disposable barbeques tempting the nose, that we eventually hook up with some of the local Plymouth shredders.

Underneath the promenade is a selection of ledges and a couple of little stair-sets, and the locals are either just chilling in the warmth of the setting sun, or getting busy board-wise – Todd Langdon is filming a nice line for the upcoming scene vid by Olly Howe, “Civic Days”.В Our spot guide for the weekend, Marc ‘S.A.’ Carter is back at the indoor Prime Skatepark, taking care of business – we’ll head back there later on the promise of a cheeky after-hours shred.


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