SA one foot roll-up plant

Singapore Noodles

Early evening and we go back to SA and Dominique’s place for a much-needed chill and a cheeky Chinese takeaway – the Singapore noodles hitting the spot, and back of the throat like a vermicelli ninja.

I ask S.A. about his recent hookup with Herbal Skateboards…

“I’m totally stoked man, money is getting tighter and tighter these days and Herbal are helping me keep the dream alive! I first heard about Herbal a few years ago when they were new on the scene, and I’ve been following what they do for ages.

From what I can tell, Herbal is all about trying to provide good value and quality boards, and the ones I’ve ridden have a real nice shape – so I think they’ve got that spot on. I also like the roots vibe, everyone seems to get on like a family and it all seems fairly well grounded, kind of what I always imagined a skate company should be. I’ve always enjoyed skating with Marcus (Payne) too, so I guess this will be more of an excuse for us to hookup!”

As night falls, we drive back into the City Centre to a roundabout opposite the hugely gothic ‘Duke Of Cornwall’ hotel. Must be a fairly well rinsed local spot as the road signs are plastered with Prime stickers.

The roundabout itself has a nice little transition but the road itself gets pretty busy so, as well as concentrating on shots and footage, we’re car-spotting and trying to avoid getting run over by local boy racers, plus a dude (we named the ‘Silver Fox’) in a pimped-out black van – who made several drive-bys, presumably dropping off some of his freshly scrubbed Plymouth Ho’s (haha) to Union Street.


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