Angry Lurker

S.A. suggests that we come back to the park on Sunday morning to see a few of their young skating stars. Sounds like a plan. Before we head off to meet up with some of the other guys, we make a stop at a spot on the edge of a park just around the corner from Prime.

Todd has a couple of things in mind: there’s a gnarly gap into the road – over a car stopper, and there’s a neat little set in the corner of this small plaza. Todd’s getting down with some fakie bigspins (below) and this guy comes up and sits on one of the benches – right next to the set, and in front of a flash head. He was basking his angry ass in the sun, eating an apple and listening to the footie on his radio. Occasionally he’d glare at me, or shake his head at Todd, but this was a proper Mexican standoff – he wasn’t gonna move, and nor were we – so we just shot around him…pretty funny.

The Civic Centre, which is smack dab in the middle of the city centre is where we meet up with some other guys. There’s a wicked curved bench, surrounded by cobbles, overlooked by an outdoor café – so we stay there for an hour or so. Pete Hearn nails a sick Suski grind (see pic opposite), and S.A. gets a back bluntslide and a buttery backlip fakie.

pete suski

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