“we were a little less conspicuous”

It must’ve been tough trying to embed yourself into that hardcore scene?

I was lucky. I just made friends with everyone at EMB naturally and didn’t kook it. HaHa! Aaron Meza introduced me to a lot of people like Mike Carroll, SJ, Karl, Keltch, etc. Meza was friends with everyone in the city. I remember watching him film everyone for the OG FTC video. So sick man….

Who were you hanging with / shooting at the time?

I started working for Madcircle – so I was with the team all the time. I used to shoot with everyone in the city. I shot with Brad Staba a lot. He was my skate buddy for years. We had a lot of great times back then.

The whole street skating culture was huge back then, breaking away from the more confined and fabricated environments of 80’s parks and ramps. Was it easier, and less hassle, to shoot street back then?

It was a little easier for sure, but you still had to go to spots at the right time of day. We didn’t use lights and generators like people do now, so we were a little less conspicuous.

What was your first published photo? How did that come about?

My first published photo was on a TWS pull out calendar of Joey Bast doing a nollie front noseslide on the Black Rock ledge.

First full page editorial photo was of Edward Devera doing a sw 5-0 on the Federal building ledge in 1994.

Was this when your relationship with Madcircle started developing?

I started working for MC right after I started shooting photos in SF. Scott introduced me to Justin and we really clicked. I helped out with everything there. I filmed some stuff for the 5 Flavors video too. Justin Girard had a 16mm camera so I used to use it. Madcircle was an amazing company.

Your early images from SF remind me of the mid-70’s Dogtown photos, by Craig Stecyk and Glen E Friedman, in that they captured the stoke, aesthetic and energy going down at that time and place. Was this simply ‘a product of the environment’ like the whole Madcircle scene?

I certainly did not think about it. I was just there, and a lot of those images had that look and feel due to my lack of technical ability to be perfectly honest… HaHa! I could have given the artsy fartsy answer like, ‘I meant to do it’ but that simply wasn’t the case.

[Opposite: Stevie Williams | В SW FS Noseslide В | В SF 1999]

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