Nick Pothole

‘We get so hyped, it’s unreal!’

Our final destination for the day is a poorly lit 9 set at the end of an alley, that’s obviously used as a toilet for Bournemouths incontinent hipsters (or old people) – tucked between the two cinemas on Westover road, it’s pretty hesh. It’s now about 10:30 and people are milling about on the pavements, so its going to be a tough one to get. Midge wants a fakie ollie, and I decide to shoot it from across the road. Some of the guys are standing in front of parked cars to stop wayward boards dinging them / flying into the busy road, and we’ve got someone else on look-out to signal when there are no passing pedestrians / drunks / tramps. After only a couple of false starts, Midge lays it down and it’s a banger – he’s stoked, and so is everyone else – even some of the nosier onlookers.

Finally, Craig, В what does the future look like for NPNG? “We’re still pushing each other every day to better ourselves. Bummer is working hard filming, skating, getting pictures, and so on. He has been on it with me since we started skating together 10 years ago…….shit that makes me feel old! We’ve now got a nice cam for better quality footage. We also do a lot of demos for Maverick which is amazing, love their skateparks – we all get so hyped it’s unreal. We got a DVD coming out soon, and NPNG decks coming in April – available in ‘The Skate Shop’, of course!”

So that’s it – we’re done. I pack up and head home. Can’t believe we’ve managed to get through the whole thing without mentioning Bournemouth’s local-boy-done-good, Benny Fairfax.

Bournemouth’s got such a lot going for it – great beaches, decent nightlife, active skate scene with plenty of decent street and a couple of nice parks to play in. Years ago, Bournemouth had an identity – full of old people, end-of-the-pier shows, pretty gardens etc. But now it’s changed. OK, it’s still got all of the above, but it’s got so much more and it seems to be trying really hard to cater to everyones needs – young, old and in-between and, personally, I think it works. The Bournemouth skate scene is way bigger than just the guys mentioned in this piece: (Tommy Fechiri, Tom Lawson, Spencer Lee, James Breezy, Deadfast Jay, Richie ‘Geordie’ Inskip, Rianne Evans to name a tiny few), but you get a feeling that the NPNG crew have a handle of whats going on, they get shit done, and they are proud of their town.В Many thanks to Bummer for the plan – worked out ok, huh?.

Opposite: Nick Porter finds a pothole.В Inset: The Bournemouth Crew, pic: Bulmer


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