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Wanna Buy An iPod?

It’s now well dark, so we drive back to Bournemouth to meet up with Craig, Bill Hillary, and Ben ‘Midge’ Grant for some street action.

We meet up under the carpark at Asda, where Bill is happily popping the trolley rails.

Turns out that Bill is a bit of a hero. Bummer has been trying to get Bill across from Dorchester (about 25 miles west) for the day, but Bill’s run out of money, and cant afford the train fare.

So the options are pretty much down to locking himself into the toilet, on the train, and trying to dodge the ticket inspectors. Bill’s got another idea. He goes down to the local Maverick park in Dorch (well worth a visit if you’ve never been!) and sells his brand new iPod to a kiddy for a tenner, just so he can make the trip! Awesome.

I’m starting to understand just how committed to the NPNG cause these guys are, and what it means to all of them!

Crossing the road, we walk over to the wicked ‘Yellow Brick’ 8 set, outside a large corporate building near the train station.

The place is bristling with cameras, and there’s a huge security guard just inside the entrance, with full view of the set. We set up in total silence, trying to sneek the flashes into position without Officer Dibble noticing. We were going to have to have this pretty darn quickly.

Craig’s planning to kickflip the stairs, and Midge fancies a couple of things.

Our luck was still holding as, at the stroke of 8:00pm, the guard packs his stuff up, heads out of the door and goes home – he knew we were there, but just couldn’t be arsed to deal with us so close to clocking off. Result!

Craig bangs out his k-flip on a board that has zero pop left in it, and Midge grabs himself a steezy bs180 and a melon for the hell of it.

Now it’s Bills turn and, to be honest, I’m expecting something pretty rad from the guy who’s just hawked his MP3, just to get his pic done! We rock down to the entrance of Bournemouth pier, where there are some burly old bike racks next to a ledge.

Bill wants a nose-grind and gets it. Turns out it was worth all the hassle (and personal expense) after all – he got the fucking cover shot!! Respect.

Opposite: Pete Lincoln | В Melon
Inset: Bill Hillary | В Ollie


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