Unit 19 Comp: Winners Night

Words & Pics: Millsy

Way back in our very first issue, we ran a very special competition for 1 person and 3 of their mates to win a private session at the sublime Unit 19 mini-ramp.

Unit 19 is a very private and secret affair, so very few skaters have had the opportunity to shred it’s beautiful curves.

We received loads of entries for the comp, and Tim Coombs (from Swansea) was the eventual lucky winner. Tim, plus Dave Simpson, Joe Clifton and Lewis James made the long trip down from Swansea for the sesh. Great bunch of guys – fully up for a laugh.

Turns out that they made a bit of a hectic 2-day roadtrip, and hit up a couple of parks at Bristol on the way down. Luckily they arrived without injury and not too knackered to skate.

We met up with Tyrone White (one of the Unit’s key members), who opened the hallowed doors and declared the session officially open. Once we’d removed their blindfolds, cut the bindings, and forced contractual signatures of utmost secrecy, the boys got busy to some old school sounds of the Dead Kennedys, Devo and Cypress Hill.

The thing about skating the Unit with only a handful of dudes, is that it can get pretty intense and you’ve not long to wait for your turn to come around again – which can really tire you out very quickly.

Credit to the guys though – they were well up for it, and kept going for three and a half hours right up until the final bell!

Happy but exhausted, the lads headed back to their digs before heading off the next day to hit up Petersfield on their way home. Reckon there were a few shaky legs the following day, and not a lot was going to go down. To confirm my suspicions, I got this message from Dave a couple of days later “I am still wrecked, I can hardly bend over to put my socks on!!!!!”. Job done then.

True to our word, we shot some pics and footage, and kept the lads supplied with beer and pizza.

Big love to the Unit guys for donating their wicked ramp for the evening.

Hope you enjoyed yourself lads? Enjoy the pics…


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