“…the love of skateboarding…”

Why did you feel the need to start a crew? “In the early days, there was myself, Bummer, Alex Tibble, Moulder, Nick Porter, Hedley Porter, Louis Richards, Iron Brew, (Ian) – we were just trying to get known, and push each other as much as we could. We’re all old mates, and we all share the same view when it comes to taking pain for that gain.

We wanted to get ourselves, and the team, known for what we do and hope that others will understand where we are all coming from. NPNG is all part of getting the whole team noticed and involved, enjoying the love of skateboarding, and hopefully (one day) onto bigger things.”

Bummer agrees, “Yeah, we wanted to try and promote what we were doing and bring the Bournemouth scene, it’s skaters, and NPNG to peoples attention. We’re always filming В and capturing whats going down around here – the south coast often gets overlooked and ignored in terms of skateboarding, and there’s some rad shit happening down here!

It’s cool to be able to document what we’re doing plus it pushes us with our skateboarding. I also think that by filming and having projects like what we’re doing today, really helps to keep the team together and keep them stoked – it’s something to aim for, you know?”

So, Craig, В what would you say is this ‘same view’ that you said you share – a team philosophy? “Philosophy isn’t distinguished so much by what it’s about, but by the nature of the activity. I think that makes sense?”

Woah – that’s really fucking deep, man!

We digress, sorry – lost my train of thought. Where were we? Oh yeah, back at Consortium, we discuss where we’re heading, who’s doing what, and in which order. Luckily, Bummer’s got a plan.

We drive over to a new housing development in Poole, and it’s got this wicked step-down gap in front of a huge residential block.

Predictably, there are ‘No Skating’ signs everywhere – what do they expect when they built it within 500m of the park at Baiter?!

Even before we get the cameras out, we get the usual shouts from enraged residents – however, one of them turns out to be pretty cool.

We promise him we’ll be done in ten minutes, and he refrains from calling the local rozzers.

Louis (still with broken wrist) grabs a clean ollie, and Nicky sets up for a Switch Flip across the gap. He nails it, and grabs a cheeky front flip for good measure (see pic opposite), and we’re off again.В I wonder of the rest of the day is going to go so smoothly…


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