danny way portrait

“…gnarliest skateboarder ever”

You seem to have developed a very tight photog / skater bond with Danny Way, and I think that this is reflected in your photo’s of him. What’s so special about Danny? (I feel so dumb just asking this question!)

When you’ve been around someone and been a part of their career for over a decade – there is that bond.

I never missed one Mega Ramp session in the entire time we were filming. He would film at the vert ramp until he couldn’t walk anymore for hours on end, battling tricks that had never been done. I always was so down to be there to shoot.

Danny is simply the gnarliest skateboarder ever. I have the utmost respect for him and everything he does on a skateboard.

I knew that all of the stuff he was doing was going to be looked back on forever as being a significant part of skateboarding history, so I took documenting it very seriously. I know he has pushed skateboarding (and himself) more than anyone else, and I have tried to push myself to make sure everything was shot as great as possible. I feel he knows that, hence the mutual bond and respect.


When you shoot an advert for DC, what kind of preparation do you do? I ask this because some of your recent work has a super-clean, almost ‘studio-quality’ to it…

I try to shoot everything exactly the way the creative department needs it.

The brief for the “white room” ads was very sterile, and the examples had a very studio quality about them. It was a bit of a challenge, but I love doing stuff like that.

I’ve always tried to do that as well as making images which inspire kids to shred.

I remember Ken asking me to shoot a portrait of Danny holding a shoe with a helicopter flying right above his head at night for an ad. I was trippin trying to figure that one out…. We pulled it off though.

I love those kinds of challenges.

[Opposite: Danny Way | В Portrait В - В Inset: DW В  | В FS 540]


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