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This is our biggest effort to date for the mag, and we’re so stoked to able to bring it to you guys for nothing! It takes so much work, that I can’t begin to explain it and it means such a lot when we get positive reviews, vibes and comments. So thanks again for your support – hope we’re giving you something you enjoy reading and will continue to do so. As for the very fewВ haters out there, hiding behind screen names – get off your pre-pubescent asses and do something positive (maybe, like skateboarding?) or contribute something worthwhile to the world, rather than getting a tan from your screen, and bitching about stuff you clearly don’t understand. Come back when your balls have dropped.

Big huge thanks to Mike Blabac – what a nice guy – for the interview and for sharing his incredible photography. It never ceases to amaze us just how kind and supportive people like Mike are when it comes to helping out. Please hit up his website for more great pics, and I can’t recommend his book enough – if you love skateboarding and want to see an amazing collection of photographs, put it on your list of books you just have to own.

Thanks also to the Bournemouth skaters and NPNG crew. Special thanks to Craig and Danny for the help and for keeping it very real. Big love.

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[Opposite: Geo BurrasВ В | В Wallride Pivot В | В Shoreham В | В Pic: Mills]

geo wallride pivot

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