Pass The Port, Bruce!?

Setting up your own board company is no easy undertaking, let alone trying to take the brand overseas, but that’s just what Trent Evans is doing with Pass Port, the new antipodean thunder from down under that will be hitting UK shores very soon. Intrepid reporter Axle Nobrot asks the questions and successfully manages to avoid stereotypes and the phrases “convict”, “the Ashes” andВ “stick another shrimp on the barby!” Nice work geeza.

As an Australian brand, a lot of the guys overseas won’t have heard of Pass Port, so let’s just take a minute to start with the basics, when did Pass Port start?

PASS PORT was established at the end of 2008.

Where in Aus are you based?

Originally we were based in sunny Queensland, but have recently re situated ourselves in the heart of Sydney. 5 minutes to the beach and 30 seconds to our backyard mini-ramp, we’re in a good location!

What’s the setup there?

Studio and warehouse in one, I deal with the majority of the company, art-direction, distribution, team etc.

Its a lot of work, but I love it, got to right?

Let’s find out a little more about the Brand and what we can expect from Pass Port when you land in our UK stores. What was the reason for the brand forming?

The brand formed because in some ways I was fed up with what was being produced in Australia.

In the past I had worked and designed for other Australian based brands but there was no real direction or motivation to progress and try something different.

What obstacles did you face when trying to get the brand out there?


A lot of the time, stores and people are (at first) very wary of new brands in the skateboard world, especially in Australia.

Once people realised that we were here for the right reasons, it started to build a really solid following.


[Bernie Foo | Pole Jam, Sydney |Photo: Andrew Peters]


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