No Pain No Gain!

A few miles west, in Poole, is one of the UK’s longest running skate stores, called ‘The Skate Shop” – formerly McIntosh & Mizen.В Those of you who’ve been skating since the 70’s will surely know of this wonderful institution.В Incredibly, The Skate Store, has been in the same family since 1977 and is run by Simon Loveless who, coincidently, is the father of NPNG founder, Craig Loveless….

“My dad got me a skateboard one Christmas and I was amazed by it, I must have been about 12 years old, what a prezzy that was! I looked up to him a lot so I wanted to get good plus I have always felt like I’m under so much pressure as my dad owns The Skate Shop.

I remember my first drop in at Baiter skate park in Poole – I nearly knocked myself out, but made sure I carried on until I did it. I started meeting new skate mates, and we skated that place for years. Every time I saw one of them take a slam I would shout “NO PAIN NO GAIN!!” and that’s pretty much where it all began.

When I turned 18 I got my first tattoo: No Pain No Gain across my stomach!

A couple of years ago, Craig took a real dirty slam….“Yeah, I was on the half pipe going for a nollie front 5 270, slipped out on the 270, flew up in the air and thought id broke some ribs. I carried on skating for an hour or so afterwards, felt well weird so went home. I got home and nearly passed out. I got blue lighted to hospital with a ruptured spleen mate, crazy!!!”

Luckily Craig, now 25, isn’t bothered or troubled by that slam any more, and certainly he hasn’t lost any confidence in his skating…

“There is no way of learning how to skate without taking a good hard slam every now and again! Haha!!”

Opposite: Ben ‘Midge’ Grant gives way to the ladies – what a gent
Inset: B’mouth regularВ Ewen Bower takes a wallride. Pic: Bulmer

midge waits

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