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Lens Flare | Craig Dodds

“I started taking photos about 5 years ago when I would spend a lot of my time skating with the locals in Newcastle, Co Down because we have a holiday home there and they had a skate park which is a rare thing in Ireland. I started to notice myself getting more drawn into the photography aspect of skateboarding when the only time I seemed to be using my camera was when I was there.

I currently live in a small town in Northern Ireland and like to take time almost everyday to travel to Belfast City to skate and get photos with my friends. Going to Belfast is always a great way to clear my head because there is nothing I love more than skating round the city searching for places to get photos whether rain or shine. Also I enjoy taking photos for different bands in my area either at gigs or lifestyle shots. At the moment I’m using a Nikon D40 with and external flash gun and also my old Canon film camera which I love using when I have the coin to spend on film and developing.

I also love to travel more than anything. I’m just back from spending a month in Barcelona staying with some skaters from Belfast. Its amazing wherever you go in the world people can just relate to you simply because you skateboard and it’s the only thing I can think of that seems to have this kind of connection. I met a lot of great people out there and we would always do the same thing each day that we did back home, search the city up and down for untouched gems. It’s strange no matter where you go you still have the same routine for getting photos and you don’t get tired of it because you simply love doing it.

Right now I’m back in Ireland trying to plan my next move. I spend my days trying to get in touch with different people and magazines with my photos in hope that they have an article they want to use them for.В I’m currently planning a trip to San Francisco soon to hook up with another local Belfast skater, hopefully this won’t be the last you hear of me!В Peace and love.”

[Opposite: Paddy Lynn | В BS Disaster В - Inset: Begley | В Ollie]
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