Had a couple of interesting discussions with various people recently and they’ve all been around the same theme, ie. ‘what exactly is skateboarding?’.

It’s an interesting question if you think about it, because there is no right / wrong answer and it seems to mean different things to different people, depending on either your perspective, or relationship with it. For example, some would argue that it’s a ‘sport’, whilst others would say that skateboarding is a ‘lifestyle’. I’ve heard it described as ‘an art’,В ‘an attitude’, ‘a hobby’, or even a ‘recreational pastime’ – yeah, I laughed at that one too! “I skate occasionally…..but it’s only like….recreational!”. For only the talented few, skateboarding is a ‘professional career’. All of these definitions are fine – because how you describe it, or think about it, is informed by your past and current experiences of it.

The one definition that really upset me (and I may have even used this myself in the past), was ‘the skateboarding industry’. Woah! Since when did this thing we love so much become an industry - ‘an organised economic activity whose purpose is to extract and process raw materials for the production of goods and services?’ *SHUDDER*. But then I thought about it, and realised that it’s always been an industry – ever since the production of the first commercial skateboards (The Roller Derby, 1959) over 50 years ago!

If you’re a pro or sponsored skater, board-maker, photographer, film-maker, magazine editor, article writer, graphic artist, clothing manufacturer, etc etc etc В you are part of it. That, ladies and gents, is the ugly truth.

‘Industry’ isВ a horrible word. ItВ conjures images of grey drudgery, noisy machinery, and working for ‘the man’ – I always think of that introductory piece from Tom Hanks’ film ‘Joe Versus The Volcano’ – whaddya mean you’ve never seen it? Shame on you! I’m going to check myself to make sure that I dont refer to skateboarding as an ‘industry’ in the future, but for now I’ll just pretend that it’s still ‘that fun thing that I do with my friends. Recreationally, of course.’

Onto the news. During the last few weeks, we announced the winners of a few of our previous competitions. Tim Coombs won our Unit 19 Comp from Issue 1, and he came down (with 3 mates) to shred the private miniramp just last week – check the pics later in this issue. We also picked out Clare Hopper as our winner for the O’Blue Thrashion Comp to win a beautiful pendant made from an old recycled deck – courtesy of Nat Rigby. Lastly, Tim Proctor won our Faltown Skateboards comp, and has walked away with a sweet Eco-Carve longboard for his troubles. All good, congrats to all.

This issue is a banger. Period. I know I say this every month, but it’s true. We’ve got an in-depth interview with Mike Blabac, a huge feature on the Bournemouth scene, a piece on the Unit 19 comp, and some words and pics from those Aussie fellas at Pass Port. All that with a couple of comps, a rad Lens Flare with Craig Dodds from Northern Ireland, and the biggest ‘Exposure’ of your pics yet! No ‘Missions’ this month – couldnt fit it in.

We’ve even tweaked the layout, changed the font, and revamped page navigation. Because you’re worth it. Boooom!!!

[Opposite: Geo Burras | В Front Rock Supa-Stylin' В | В Pic: Mills]

geo front rock

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