koston bs noseblunt

“I was the new guy at Girl”

A few years later, you moved south to Los Angeles and started shooting for ‘Girl’ and ‘Chocolate’. Was the LA scene different to SF?

LA is quite a bit different than SF for sure, but I was still just shooting photos of my friends for a living. I was lucky that Carroll, Scott, Chico all moved to LA at the same time. It was so much fun to work at Girl. Those guys are all so fucking rad.

I understand that there’s a great story behind your photo of Kostons BS Noseblunt at the infamous Hubba Hideout in SF – care to share…?

HaHa – well yes there is. We were on a trip to Vancouver, and Meza kept giving Eric shit about the BSNBS on the way up to SF from LA. After we got there Eric just did it so perfect. I was tripping. I knew that that roll of film was one of the most importrant ones I had ever shot so I kept it in my pocket for the whole trip. I was the new guy at Girl – so Rick put me in a hotel room with Sheffey. Luckily Sean and I had known one another for a few years, but risky at the time none the less…. I had that roll of film in my pocket until I returned home. That was my first cover, and still one of my favorites [see pic opposite]

Who were the other skaters that you were shooting at that time?

Just dudes in LA that I met through the Girl guys. I used to skate with Julio DeLaCruz all the time. He had hella spots in LA. I would just shoot all of the Neighborhood guys first before I brought Guy and everyone to his spots… HaHaHa. Guy was homies with Fabian, Joey and all the City stars guys so I would roll with those guys some times too.

Were you just shooting for Girl and Chocolate in LA, or were you still submitting images to magazines and taking on other assignments?

I shot a lot for magazines as well as stuff for DVS and Matix too when it first started. It was a natural thing because so many of the Girl Choco dudes rode for DVS.


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