Thomas Treeride

“I remember being hella nervous”

So when and how did you hook up with DC Shoes?

The DC thing, like everything else, happened naturally. Rick, Mike, Huf, and Scott all rode for DC, and I was friends with all those guys. After Ballard left in 98, Kelly Bird – who was the TM at the time hit me up. I drove down to SD to meet with Ken. I remember being hella nervous. I had this big book of all of my published photos. He just laughed when I showed him, and said something like “I know what you’ve done which is why you’re here”. So I left with my fancy book and Ken called me two days later to tell me I had the job, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 11 years.

Your role as ‘Director Of Photography’ for DC – what does that involve?

Well…. Let’s just say my role at DC has been many different things over the years. I’ve always been a photographer obviously, but in that role you and the filmer are always a TM, a travel agent, a shrink etc. I remember all of the things Greg Hunt and I had to go through while working on the DC video – it was insane man!


DC have an unbelievable pool of skate talent, and now you’ve added Chris Cole – you must be stoked! Have you shot CC previous to him riding for DC?

The team and brand are one of the main reasons why I have loved working at DC over the years. I am stoked Cole is now a part of the shoe co squad. I had never shot him before – I actually never met him. He is such a rad guy though. I have been lucky to be involved in some of the best skateboarding whether it be Madcircle, Girl, or DC.

[Opposite: Jamie Thomas | В Treeride. Inset: Danny Way В | Stuck Board]


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