Jake 'Smiler' Randall  |  Back Board

Dog Shit

Back at Kings, we hook up with Louis Richards, Jake ‘Smiler’ Randall and a few others…

Kings Park is a pretty cool place with something for everyone: it’s floodlit, got some great transitions, rails, ledges, stairs, amusing nob graffiti, and a pile of dog shit on top of the bowl extension (yeah, don’t ask).

Bummers got a couple of things he wants to do, and Jake and Louis are keen, so we crack on. First up, Bum gets a huge alley-oop stiffy out of the extension onto flat, followed by a rad tuck-knee (over Louis) onto a bank. Gnarly.

Louis is pretty restricted because his arms in plaster, but manages to get some clean air over the hip.

Smiler rounds off proceedings with a steezy back board down the rail, after nearly tearing his bollocks off on a previous attempt.

After a pretty good nights work, I head home.

To get the rest of the story and the pics, was then down to a waiting game. Everyone knew to make themselves available at the drop of a hat. The long-range forecast was predicting a sunny day on the Thursday for that week, so we tentatively agreed that we’d aim for that.

As the days passed, I kept a nervous eye on MetCheck (the weather guru!), and Thursday was still looking good!

So, Thursday morning comes and it’s glorious! I call Bummer and head back west.

We hook up with Louis Richards and long-time Bournemouth regular, Nicky Porter (recently been put onto Landscapes Flow team) at ‘Consortium’.

I remember this store from back in the day, and it’s great to see it’s still in business and doing well – frequented by a loyal customer base of local skaters. ‘Consortium’, run by Nat Rendell, has been around for the best part of twenty years, and is firming established as Bournemouth’s destination independent skate store – and rightly so.

[Opposite: Jake 'Smiler' Randall | В Back Board В | Kings Park]

[Inset: 'Smiler', ironically not smiling]


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