Whats Inside?

The Lowdown


Whats Inside?

Unit 19 Comp Winners

Mega Wight Trash Competition

The Art Of Mike Blabac

Pass The Port, Bruce!

Pass Port Competition!

The Bournemouth Identity

Lens Flare: Craig Dodds

Exposure: Your Pics

That’s All Folks


Photographic contributors for this issue (in order of appearance):В Harvey Mills; Mike Blabac; Andrew Peters; Zac Malfa- Kowalski; Young Vo; Jeb Allred; Danny Bulmer; Craig Dodds;В Mikko Toiviainen; Josh Hotz; Russ Sakurai; Rob Salmon; Martin Allen; Zack Griswold; Andrew Hodgson; Alex Sheridan; Devin Radabaugh;В Michael Kazimierczuk; Sean Michon.

Thanks to everybody who submitted their work – it’s great seeing the incredibly high standard and diversity of skate photography out there. For those of you who sent in pics, but didn’t quite make the cut – keep trying, and please keep mailing your stuff through to us!

Wanna see your name appear in this list? Send your previews to editor@skateboardingphoto.co.uk


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