Bonks & Eggplants

There’s talk of a gnarly rail on Poole Quay, so we drive down there for a scope. Unfortunately, the sunny weather is against us as the placed is rammed with tourists.

The rail was just too crowded with chubby day-trippers slurping ice-cream for anything spectacular, but Nick fancies a Nose-bonk on this big stone pillar. We have to time the shot so that there weren’t a thousand gawpers in the background, ruining the superb view across the harbour. 2 minutes later, and a gap in the crowd, and it’s another ‘job done’! Psyched.

Next stop is a rail drop gap near the historic Pavillion in Bournemouth. The landing’s a bit grim and tight, but Bummer pops it and manages to bonk the rail on his way over – see below.

Bummers plan seems to be working a treat and our next destination is the ‘Riversmeet’ park at Christchurch, a few miles east.

Here we are promised the tranny talents of Pete Lincoln who (I’m promised) goes very, very big on a miniramp.

I’m not disappointed – the dude rips, and has got a sackful of fully-boned tricks.

Before we leave Christchurch, Dave Hunter busts out his rad Miller Flips on the big quarter, and Hedley Porter nails an uber-clean fakie flip off the box (pics on next page).

[Opposite: Pete Lincoln | В Eggplant В | В Christchurch]

Pete Lincoln  |  Eggplant

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