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Bill Hillary | В Nosegrind В | В Bournemouth, UK

Pic:В Harvey Mills

“This was so sick! Bill didn’t have enough train fare to make the shoot, so he goes to his local skatepark and sells his brand new iPod to a kiddie for ВЈ10, just so he could make it! So, Bill gets the coveted cover for FOUR very good reasons: (a) he’s fucking rad, (b) he’s fucking committed, В (c) he fucked his foot nailing this for me, and (d) The fucking council tore it down a few days after we hit the spot. Fuckers!” HM

If you have an old iPod that you’d like to donate to Bill, let us know – his world must be horrible without music! Contact us and mark your mail as ‘Help A Brother Out!’ We’ll make sure he gets it. Much love, X



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