“a bunch of gear on its way”

What other European countries are you exporting to, or is this a Europe exclusive?

So far this is it. We will see in time.

Any Stocklists Stateside?

In the process, few selected stores has been in touch so in time yes.

Whats their current deck line – sizes, graphics etc?

We have decks ranging from 7.75 – 8.5, our current series are the “Community” , “Officials” & “the CBA”

Plans for future product?

Hell yeah, finishing up the new range as we speak, got a whole bunch of different gear on its way.

Any plans for a full-length edit – something we should keep our eyes peeled for?!

Few more teasers in the works, & yes in time we are hoping to push for a full length, matter of getting all the guys in line. haha.

Cheers Trent!. Looking forward to seeing PassPort on our rain-sodden streets soon – now you can get back to watching Neighbours! (Doh! – so close!!)

[Opposite: Willy Brown & Glenn Palmer | Larking В | Pic: Jeb Allred
Inset:В Juan Onekawa | В Smith | В Pic: Young Vo]

Pass Port are handled in the UK by Keen Distribution.
Visit the Pass Port website for more details.


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