Jordan Lewis_Wallride_Akron, Ohio

Lens Flare

Devin Radabaugh

“Photography has been a big part of my life for the past four years.В From my first point and shoot camera to my current Nikon D300 and all my other cameras along the way.

Skating has been an equally big part of my life for many years, so for me the combination of the two was a no-brainer. Skateboarding and photography has forever changed the way I see and interpret the world.

Skateboarding photography is by far my favourite form of photography, and the one I pursue the hardest.

I love it because it is both relaxing and rather stressful at the same time. Relaxing because I get to hang out with good friends and create images of the tricks they do. Stressful because sometimes we only have a couple minutes to get in, setup the lights, and land the trick before getting kicked out of the spot. The ability to work well under this pressure really brings out my creativity.

I walk into most of my non-skateboarding shoots with the same type of “seat of my pants” technique. Having a very rough plan before a shoot keeps my mind from being clouded by over-thinking.

Without skateboarding and photography I don’t know what I would be doing and where I would be at this point in my life.”

[Opposite: Jordan Lewis | В Wallride В | В Akron, Ohio]

[Inset: Nick Sturm | В Front blunt В | В Akron, Ohio | В Pics: Radabaugh]


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