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Whats Inside?

The Lowdown

‘Sup Skateroo’s?!

Grant Brittain: He Talks, We Listen

Faltown Competition

Could We Be Any More ‘Wight Trash’?

Wight Trash Competition

Lens Flare: Devin Radabaugh


Exposure: Your Pics

That’s All Folks

Photographic contributors for this issue (in order of appearance): Harvey Mills; J. Grant Brittain; Devin Radabaugh; James ‘Cliff’ Clifforde; Lee J; Mikko Toiviainen; Zack Griswold; Gavin Swaffield; Jared Levine; Rick Davy;В Renato Lainho.

Thanks to everybody who submitted their work – it’s great seeing the incredibly high standard of skate photography out there. For those of you who sent in pics, but didn’t quite make the cut – keep trying, and please keep mailing your stuff through to us!

Wanna see your name appear in this list? Send your previews to

[Opposite: George Burras | В Ollie North В | В Pic: Mills]


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