“You gotta get The Needles in!!”

We finally arrive at the cliffs on the West Coast, and drive up a “No Private Vehicles Allowed” single track lane that winds it’s way to the top. The old rocket testing site was active between 1956 and 1971, and was used primarily to test the ‘Black Knight’ and ‘Black Arrow’ space rocket engines before they were sent to Woomera for launching. It’s a concrete monster that hangs out over the near-vertical chalk cliff face.

It’s everything a rocket station should be – grey, angular, utilitarian, and very very gnarly. We scramble down onto a platform, admiring the breathtaking view back across the Solent to the mainland. The concrete isn’t smooth, it’s horrible and I’m starting to wonder what can be done here.

Jaymie steps up and declares that we can ollie this huge gap that spans a hellacious drop. I’m thinking, is this guy for real? A sloppy take off or misplaced footing, and he’ll be the latest Island offering to Neptune. He seems confident enough and I set up my strobes. “You gotta get The Needles in, dude!!” says Tomsy (Simon Toms, the dude responsible for producing various WT graphics and the latest hilarious incarnation of one of those “Hitler” videos on YouTube – search for ‘Wight Trash Hitler’, it’s a classic).

So I position myself so that they are just visible. The ‘Needles’ are, perhaps, the most iconic of the islands landmarks – a set of gnarly rocks with a lighthouse. Anyways,В Jaymie cracks on, makes the gap his bitch, and we got another nice IOW postcard!

On the way back to Ryde and my Hovercraft home, I ask John about the future for Wight Trash. “The future, I hope, involves us bringing out a fun and unique video of both new and old school skate mayhem, and just continuing to enjoy what we’ve got over here and sharing it with the wider skateboard community.”

I was only there for just over 24 hours, but it felt like a week – we got a lot done, had some laughs, and I got to understand and really appreciate what Wight Trash are all about.

No politics, no bullshit, no worries.

Now that I’m older and, arguably, more mature I can look across the water at the IOW and think about it in a different way: I appreciate it’s weirdness. I love the people. The skate scene is sick. There are more ghetto street spots than you could shake a shitty stick at. And at the heart of it is John Cattle and his Wight Trash guys, moving things on, keeping things fresh, and loving every minute of it.

Much love fellas, can’t wait to come back…..now there’s something I never thought I’d say about the Isle Of Wight!

For more info on all things Wight Trash visit their website: http://www.wight-trash.com/

[Opposite: Cattle | One Foot Wallride Variation]

cattle one foot wallie NEW

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