“Island friends and new bloods”

As well as Cattle himself, the Am Team features the likes of Mark Bryan, Ash Gulliver, Toby Booth, and Jaymie Sawyer. “I’ve also just hooked up 2 more Island legends in the shape of Darren Tate and Blake Everitt who, when you witness their skating first hand, are awesome. Our Flow team is a mix of long time Island friends and new bloods that I see great promise andВ  video fun with: Sam Gryzb, Chips, Jesse Pullin, Sean Dawson, and Jocky (of ‘Jocky’s Drop’ fame): He ollied a gnarly 7ft high thin ledge at M&S, over a big-ass pavement, and onto the road. Something that even today has not been replicated!” Sounds like a challenge has been laid down….!

As well as national and local skaters, the latest addition to the Wight Trash family is their first International rider, from a superbly named place called Moose Jaw, in Canada. “Cody Banilevic shares the same spirit we have for all things ‘Trash’. He’s another positivity-generator and is always hyped on skateboarding and his buddies on the team. He’s going to be visiting our fair Isle soon, so look out for Cody shaped carnage at an image box in your immediate vicinity.”

The next morning, it’s a depressingly damp start, but there was a promise of dryness in the air for later in the day. We pick up some more of the team and head out into the countryside to a farm owned by the parents of Rob Hearn, a good friend of the guys. “We’re going to Rob’s place because he’s got this huge barn with a ramp and loads of agricultural shit we can play with.” Sounds good, and at least it’s out of the drizzle….

“So what about spots on the Island?”, I asked – expecting him to say that they were few and far between. “Skate spots on the Island are pretty shitty, but in a good way. If you can learn a trick over here you can do it anywhere….. from cobblestone landings to uphill run-ups we have it all hahaha! Skating here I find is fucking awesome, I’ve found nowhere else like it. You can skate an old WW2 gun emplacement and then cruise down the road to a flat bar in a supermarket, and then skate a marble bench in a college. So much fun, come over and share the wealth. And if you’re Dean Jones and the Chip Shop Army, you’ll have regular Shit Spot Sundays over here, purely to skate our worst monstrosities. If you thinking of coming, Summer is definitely better as indoor spots are rare in winterВ  – The Newport Railway Tunnel is all year round and Rob’s Ramp and our new Skate-shack are exceptions to the rule … but saying that, fuck it, come over anyways and we’ll show you a good time!”

Turns out that Rob’s barn is pretty fucking great. Big old mini-ramp in the corner, lit with industrial worklamps. Mellow transitions so the boys have to work hard for some hang-time. Jaymie tweaks a steezey melon, and Toby bangs out a bolts flip fakie – after recovering from a nasty bail when his boards comes back at him like a boomerang and takes a chunk out of his head. Whilst this is going on, amongst the farming machinery, old oil drums, ropes and random rusty objects, Blake overturns a metal feed-bin and proceeds to grind and slide the crap out of it. Back tails and nose blunt slides all over the place (see pic opposite).

blake nose bluntslide portrait

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