Cattle Tunnel Wallride

“…the more ghetto the better…”

You see, the name ‘Wight Trash’ is not just a subtle play on words, it’s descriptive of their entire outlook, attitude, and approach to skating. These boys will skate anything, and the more ghetto the better…

“It’s what we’ve been calling ourselves for as long as I can remember! I think it was first officially used in the end credits of the 1997 1st ‘Viewfinder#’ video as a ‘thank you to…’

At the time my friends and me were all about the weed, booze, video games, suped-up cars, blowing stuff up and of course skateboarding in a deep south location. We saw ourselves as a tongue in cheek parody of a trailer park lifestyle and therefore ‘Wight Trash’ seemed a perfect title for us!!”

On the way back from the Shack, at around midnight, Cattle and I decide to stop off for a little urban tunnel action, where he busts out some sick wall-ride variations (see pic opposite), including his newly nailed one-footer. It’s a hammer. He’s psyched. “I get so hyped when I try a new trick and it comes off!!”. It’s starting to become pretty obvious why people want to ride for John – his energy and hype for skating is totally infectious.

Cattle started off ‘Wight Trash’ by making T-shirts for friends and family, with aspirations of producing WT boards. In 2004/5 he decided to undertake an ‘Inbiz’ course (they help and support small business start-ups) and get things underway properly….

“At the time, I was sponsored by ‘Death’ and Nick (Zorlac) thought it would be good to do a board company and so I hooked friends up on the Island that I felt would be a good representation of the early spirit of Wight Trash. These were all skaters with good trick imagination and all-round fun guys.”

Considering the relatively small size and independence of the Wight Trash operation, Cattle has managed to attract some stellar skate talent to his team over the years, a clear sign of mutual respect, and spiritual kindred-ship….

“The ‘named’ friends I really wanted to add to the team all had sponsors, but over time, one by one, they came into my sticky paws…haha!

“Greg Nowik, Avi, Flynn Trotman are the Pro Team and, more recently, the legendary Alex Moul. Alex is still not ‘riding’ for us as a Pro, but he has a new Wight Trash guest board – filling the final gap. I can’t begin to express how hyped I am to have him as a guest rider as well as have the other guys as full time compadres too. These guys are long time friends that I met soon after starting skating, Avi was an eye opening legend that I toured with and met around 7 years ago.”

He’s also captured Jesse James, “Jesse feels like a life-long friend that I’ve only known for a couple of years. He’s a skater that I don’t think is equaled for the imagination that he puts into new tricks. He’s always got a never-before-seen trick to send down to me and is so hyped on the team, contributing with ideas, and getting his video part done. He’s going to be our next Pro.”


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