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Memorable images. They burn themselves into your brain and sub-conscious like an intricate tattoo – indelible. Can’t be erased. Sure, they fade over time, but then one day they’ll just pop into your head. And you can remember every detail.

These images move us – make us feel something. The most memorable shots are the ones that either really excite us, or completely terrify us. Some images actually manage to stimulate the senses at both ends of that spectrum.

When I first saw Ted ‘T-Bone’ Terrebones photo of Robert Chadwick in ‘Skateboarder’ Magazine, I was just blown away. It’s such a wonderful photograph – a once in a lifetime shot. It was probably the photograph that got me so stoked on skate photography in the first place, I was 12 or 13 at the time (1978).

Looking back, I didn’t appreciate just how much that picture defined skateboarding at that time: 80% of US mag shots were fisheyes; a lot of pool / bowl / pipe shots (much to my pre-pubescent joy!), and although the colour photos were amazing in the mid to late seventies, there’s just something about a high contrast, grainy monochrome 35mm film photograph, like Stecyks earlier Dogtown shots.

But the thing is with that particular image is that the camera was so close that it made you flinch just looking at it! Still does…

Another of Teds classic images, also one of my favourites, is that really early Duane Peters shot – you know, the one where he’s just crouching on his board, studded wristbands on? To me, it defines another period of skateboarding – its pure punk rock (or “Aggro” as we used to say, back in the day…).

In this issue, I’m delighted that we’re running an in-depth interview with Ted, and showing some of his most memorable images from over the years. If you’ve not seen the Chadwick photo before (you’ll remember it if you have!), just take a moment to think how it makes you feel…

Also in Issue #7: a massive NASS round-up photo-feature; a chat with Nise Skateboards; long-distance skateboarding in a sweet ‘Skate Further’ article; a ‘Readers Lives’ piece on the recent ‘Battle At The Bay’ in Nottingham; a sick ‘Lens Flare’ with Harry Wheeler; plus your amazing pics in our regular ‘Exposure’ piece.

Hope you enjoy it – we’ve loved putting it all together for you.

Harvey Mills В | Editor


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