Steve Caballero @ Winchester Skatepark backside channel air, shot sometime in 1980.

The photos had to be ‘just right’

How did you get to go and shoot so many backyard pool sessions? Was it, as legend has it, an ‘invite only’ deal?

Pretty much I was with these guys when we found out about pools and we had to be careful not to get caught by the law.

If we were going to get into the mag, the photos had to be “just right” so it could not be a party situation that everyone knew about.

Over the years, you’ve been a contributing photographer to an enormous amount of magazines: Skateboarder Magazine, Action Now, Juice Magazine, Thrasher Magazine, Heckler Magazine, Bail Magazine, The Skateboard Mag and Concrete Wave Magazine. That’s a pretty impressive body of published skate photography!

I was very lucky to be part of this. It was my early goal to be a Staff Photographer for Skateboarder Magazine (around 1976) which I did make in late 1979 / early 1980.

In the later years, being part of Juice Magazine, made me feel honored to be included with many other greats of skateboarding, and I want to thank Dan and Terri for that.

What was your first published photo?

It was back in 1977, Skateboarder Magazine finally gave some of my shots of Reno riders a few spots in the mag.

I think I had a full page color photo of Mike Ford in a Reno pool in with a fisheye lens.

Mike was carving above me making him look like he was upside down, and at the bottom of the picture was the shallow end of the pool the right side up.

How long had you been shooting skateboarders before you got your first published shot?

It was only a couple of years.


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