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Ted “T-Bone” Terrebonne

Interview by Harvey Mills, all pics by T-Bone

In the latest of our features on the great skateboard photographers, we talk exclusively to Ted “T-Bone” Terrebonne. Over his 30 year career, Ted has shot for more skateboard magazines than most. An up-and-coming photographer in the mid-seventies, Ted dreamt of one-day being a staff photog for Skateboarder Magazine.

As an innovator and early adopter of flash photography, some of his pioneering techniques are now regarded as the ‘textbook’ standard for capturing skateboarding images. Now retired, Ted shares his memories, experiences and classic images from across four decades of skateboarding…

So Ted, what, where and when were your earliest encounters with a skateboard?

Back in 1962 I was living in Carson City Nevada. I was in the 7th grade when a new kid started school named Jim Mahan. He just moved there with his parents from Santa Monica, California and he taught us how to build a skateboard made out of wood and the wheels and trucks from roller skates. It was kind of crazy to skate on it, but it was all we had and I loved it.

We actually started a new fad in that area with skateboarding back then, and companys like Makaha were starting to make skateboards built with funky trucks with clay wheels and boards that actually started to take the shape of a small surfboards.

With the arrival of clay wheels, we graduated from the sidewalks to the streets. 1964 saw the first 4 issues of Skateboarder Magazine.

We studied the tricks we saw and learned how to do them. Love those old days.

[Opposite:В В Christian Hosoi В | В Marina Del Rey Skatepark В | В Hosoi's first published skate photo in Skateboarder Mag June 1980.]


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