Super Fun and Proper Travel

Which are the best countries to skate?

Best is quite a hard one. It all depends upon the purpose. In the last 3 years people have skated the UK, China, South America, Morocco, South East Asia, Japan, The US, New Zealand, Canada, Norway and Sweden. There’s plenty more I’m sure.

Your most memorable trip?

Apart from my own, the Longtreks trips across South America and Morocco have been great to follow, amazing photography and videos, super fun and proper travel.

How do people react / respond to you guys on your travels?

In the UK we have crappy roads, angry drivers and most people on the road are pretty grouchy, so skating distance is pretty challenging. The rules for skating on the road/pavement are pretty ambiguous so the cops give you quite a bit of grief.

Every country is different. In developing countries skaters are a novel thing so they are received well.

Check out LongTreks in South America and skating through China – amazing journeys.


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