Some boards just work better…

Describe a typical distance skateboard – what’s special about it?

All boards can be used to skate distance. But like bikes, some boards just work better. They fall into 2 types: LDP (Long-Distance-Pumping) boards are top-mount and basically slalom boards on steroids. They have super turny front trucks and stable rears. The turning motion creates forward movement – you can go miles without pushing if the conditions are right. The other type is a board that is low with big wheels, this means you produce less stress on your body and it is more stable for pushing switch.

I’ve seen some dudes use a trailer for their gear – that must feel weird?

The current World Record holder Rob Thomson skated his 2 and a half year trip with a trailer. He skated the US and China.В Both countries with long, smooth roads. Trailers are still a new concept, they add more weight to your push but mean that you keep your rolling speed longer. More effort to brake too, which means more shoes!

Do you carry any board spares with you on your travels?

For NZ I had lots, but used none. 1 set of wheels and 1 set of bearings. I did however destroy 3 left shoes. One in one day.

New Zealand has the worst road surface and the gnarliest hills.

Apart from the board, what other essential gear do you need?

Good shoes! Moleskin (that sticky blister stuff you get) and a helmet.

When researching where you are going to go, what are your main considerations?

I’d been to NZ before so knew what I was expecting. Trips are happening for many reasons now, raising money or awareness, skating a first or just to travel somewhere special.

[Opposite: Locals in China taking a curious interest]

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