Skate Further!

Can you tell us about ‘Skate Further’ and the thinking behind it?

After New Zealand we realized that distance skating was a viable form of travel. We set up Skatefurther and it has just snowballed since. Bigger journeys, way more interest and skaters from around the globe actively skating a long way. As fuel goes up, we are seeing more people skating to and from work, older guys who used to skate are picking up boards and not driving. It’s getting pretty crazy. World Tours of marathons with $30,000 prize purses, 95mile races and 24-hour ‘Ultraskates’. We cover it all.

Got any trips coming up?

Personally no, I am organizing a 24-hour skate here in NZ and I’ll be aiming to break beat my previous record of 150miles.

What advice would you give to anyone who’s thinking about pushing long distances?

Get on, join in the forum, decide upon a goal and then do it. I had a phrase on my lid for SkateNewZealand. ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single push’. Oh, and skatefurther!

Nat Halliday

[This Page and Inset: Nat Halliday bombing hills in the land of the long white cloud]

Pics: Adam Colton & Kari Grebe

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