ramos flip back tail

Rodolfo Ramos | Flip Back Tail


So, we headed down on the Thursday mob-handed to get an early start and make sure we had a decent camping space in the Athletes area. As well as myself, we had Axle Nobrot and Von Shape on filming duties, Marcus Payne who was competing, and Todd “Flashman” Langdon who occasionally humped some gear and provided the obligatory (and only slightly on the right side of political correctness) Japanese Manga / B-Movie impressions.

For the past couple of years, NASS has hosted the UK leg of the World Cup of Skateboarding (WCS) event – bringing some incredible foreign and domestic skate talent together for an awesome indoor comp on a custom-built street course. This year the course was bigger and better than ever before. The designers did a great job in trying to keep skaters, BMX’ers and fruit-booters happy with the various components that make up the vast playground in the indoor arena that’s normally used by farmers to show off their prized livestock, talk about the price of wheat, and moan that they’re always skint.

Also, on the cards this year was the much anticipated (after last years radness) Girlzilla Comp for she-boarders. As well as the mercurial steeze of Leticia Bufoni, we’d also be treated to the likes of top female skaters Lacey Baker and Alexis Sablone from the US.

[Inset: Flashman and Mikey V get chummy in the press room. Pic: Von Shape]


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