NISE Skateboards

As they make a transition from local brand to the UK Skateboarding scene, it’s interesting to find out how NISE Skateboards came about. Axle Nobrot chats with Ben Durnan-Fletcher…

NISE didn’t take the ‘traditional’ route to becoming a skateboarding brand!

Well it all started because of the Great British weather really,В me and a few pals decided enough was enough and we sourced a small studio in a NottinghamВ art gallery and decided to build a ramp so we could avoid the rain. One thing lead to another andВ Within a year we had built a wooden skate haven on the second floor of an art gallery (a first I canВ only assume) with an array of ramps/banks/rails etc.

Word got out and our little haven became a place of solitude for the skaters of Nottingham in helping to avoid Mother Nature. So many young un’s were e-mailing and appearing , to come and learn from us we just felt that we were doing something really positive for the local skate scene so carried on developing the idea. A name was developed (NISE – Acronym for Nottingham Indoor Skateboard Environment) and after about 14 months t-shirts and boards were being printed, and we set out putting together a legitimate team to represent all things NISE!

Richie Mann, Crooks

[Richie Mann | Crooks]

NISE Skateboards

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