Let the pictures do the talking

Predictably, it was the South-Americans who led the way once again – inspiring each other and the other competitors to ‘go big or go home’.В Kelvin Hoefler, the eventual ‘Best Trick’ winner with an unbelievable nollie backside overcrook, set to work with an astonishing performance of rail trickery – so confident, and so consistent! Fellow countrymen Diego Fiorese (who finished thirdВ with his nollie flip down the set), and Elton Melonio (astonishing back smiths) were charging hard – as were Chilean Braulio Sargus, and Argentinean Milton Martinez, the latter finishing second with a nollie big heel show-stopper.В The British contingent put on such a great show too – Ross McGouran, Rob Smith (check out his 14 stair sal-flip on the cover – fucking insane!), and Ben Grove leading the way.

Was Goliath missed? Probably, by a few die-hard big air fanatics, but for sheer entertainment value, the new Street Spots event just has to come back next year – best thing of the weekend by a long, long way.В I can’t tell you how exciting that afternoon / early evening was – just cant quite find the right words to describe what went down. Instead, we’ll let the pictures do the talking…or you could check out Nobrot’s sick edit from the Street Spots event RIGHT HERE!


Champagne Super-Grover cools his heels. Opposite: Hoefler, Flip Front Lip

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